We welcome you to The Bagel.


When our parents and grandparents arrived from the Old World, they brought with them a lifetime of prized, traditional recipes. Armed with these marvelous family secrets and a desire to provide authentic Jewish cooking, they established The Bagel in1950 as a premier ethnic eatery dedicated to serving delicious traditional cooking.


As The Bagel’s fame spread, the demand for our cooking exceeded our facilities and in 1977 we moved from the original Kedzie and Lawrence storefront to Devon Avenue where we remained for 15 years. In 1987 we opened our other location in Old Orchard Shopping Center in Skokie. In 1992, we moved our Devon Avenue staff to 3107 N. Broadway along with our special cooking and deli favorites. We are pleased to bring our famous cuisine and favorites from our gourmet deli counter to you via the internet.


Many of you have seen us grow up in the family business. Today as owner/operators, we are proud to carry on our family heritage. We are personally involved in overseeing every facet of the restaurant’s daily operation. Our family recipes still call for only the freshest ingredients from top quality purveyors.


As we clebrate over sixty wonderful years, with many of our long-time staff aboard, we invite you to come home to The Bagel and join us soon for a taste of tradition!